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You don't have to fuck people over to survive

Because the FBI can't find it's ass with both hands...

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This is the journal with no name.

a.l.f., action medical, action-medical, alternative media, anarchy, animal liberation, animal rights, anti-authoritarian education, anti-bigotry, anti-capitalism, anti-censorship, anti-classism, anti-consumerism, anti-corp, anti-corporate media, anti-fascism, anti-ftaa, anti-g8, anti-globalization, anti-government, anti-imperialism, anti-logo, anti-nafta, anti-racism, anti-slavery, anti-sprawl, anti-sweatshop, anti-war, anti-war on drugs, anti-wto, antifa, ara, arguing with doctors, bdsm, being knocked up, black bloc, bondage, breaking design rules, burlesque, carrying medical supplies, challenging beauty norms, checking my privilege, checking your privilege, civil liberties, civil rights, communes, community building, con crud, d.i.y., democracy now, direct action, dissent, dumpster diving, e.l.f., eye flushing folks, fair trade, fasting, feminism, fetish, flogging, food not bombs, fuck capitalism, fuck john timoney, fuck racism, fuck war, fucking the system, garbage artifact collection, gas masks, gender neutral pronouns, global politics, going underground, having a tapped phone, having body hair, hiding in plain sight, homelessness, human rights, independent media, intifada, invisible homelessness, kill your tv, larai, latex, laughing at the fbi, organic veggies, oroborous, peace and justice, peak oil, police state, poverty, propoganda, radical cheerleaders, random acts of geekery, reclaiming life, reproductive justice, resistance, revolution, revolutionary cells, s.h.a.c., second life, sexing it up, sexwork activism, situationism, smashing corporations, social responsibility, solidarity, stencils, street medics, super secret fun, sustainable living, teaching bdsm safety, toddler poetry, un-schooling, urban piracy, vegan, violet wand, war tax resistance, web design, working poor, zapatistas