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Haiti Earthquake Donations

as you may or may not know I am the webmaster of servehaiti.org I am quite confident that all funds donated to them will go toward continuing to fund their currently existing and undamaged clinic in grand-bois Haiti which is currently treating earthquake survivors. If you are wanting to donate to assist earthquake survivors in Haiti or know someone who is I strongly suggest this organization. They have been on the ground with their clinic for years, and currently guarantee that ALL donated funds will go to maintaining the clinic or to other organizations that are reputable and have people on the ground there helping folks in need.

Eagle raid protest Tomorrow...

The Eagle was raided Thursday, September 10th, by undercover and uniformed Atlanta Police. Witness accounts make this raid sound eerily familiar to the Stonewall Weekend raid by the Forth Worth Texas Police at the Rainbow Lounge on June 28th of this year.

Reports are still trickling in but there are many accounts of police harassment, antagonism and threats.

Many have reported hearing officers say such disparaging remarks as they "hate gay people" and worse.

As the hub of the Southeast LGBTQ community, this kind of harassment cannot be tolerated in Midtown if LGBTQ residents don't want to be pushed out of the community WE FOSTERED & DEVELOPED.

-Keep spreading this information: post & e-mail
-Keep contacting CNN to report links to the story: http://www.cnn.com/feedback/
-Contact all LGBTQ & ally business venues in Midtown to join support & be at the rally (This could happen at ANY LGBTQ venue!)
-Email & contact SoVo, Creative Loafing etc with any new info
-Spread witness accounts
-Attend the rally on Sunday at 5pm. Eagle's parking lot.

We're a cover story on Advocate.com!
On London Guardian!
Raid featured on Perez Hilton!
Lead story on WSBTV (Channel 2) & 11 Alive & FOX 5.

Max's Email for Media Inquiries: max@thecorwellgroup.com

Jeff's Email: jeff@glbtatl.org

Laura's Email: dictatorlaura@gmail.com


Phobia Atlanta Georgia BDSM Goth Industrial Fetish Play PArty After Hours Full Bar Dominatrix Mistress Tabby

August 7th 10 pm to 6am Be sure not to miss Phobia August 7th not only is it a party you’re sure to remember, but, there will be NO Phobia in September so everyone can enjoy Dcon. The dance floor will be packed in by DJs Aesthetic, and 313. Get ready for some old school Chamber debauchery when Atlanta Dominatrix Mistress Tabby celebrates her B-day with some good ole sadistic torture. Our hostess will be ONI, our Dungeon will be open all night and kept Safe, Sane, and Consensual by scene legend Master Chuck. Come out and stay all night having naughty fun, for $15 or $12 in Fetish Gear! The Spring4th Center @ 728 Spring Street Atlanta Georgiahas a full bar now, but we will still have our infamous Euro-style dungeon. Flyer photo courtesy of Marilyn Chen Photography Ally is under the mask.
For more info see AgoraphobiaProductions.com

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PSA No Phobia in April

Phobia Goth Industrial Fetish Play Party Atlanta GA

Due to procedural changes at the Spring4th center, we at Agoraphobia Productions are sad to announce that we must cancel our April party.
We pride ourselves on throwing the very best party we are able and given the current time constraints we would not have been able to furnish the quality of party-going experience that Phobia patrons are accustom to. It is for this reason that the Phobia scheduled for April 3rd at the Spring4th Center has been canceled. At this time, Agoraphobia Productions is hard at work putting together subsequent events and we hope to see all of you the first Friday in May.
Stay tuned for updates on our status on our Website, Myspace, LiveJournal, and Email List.

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